The Surprising Turn That Apps Have Recently Taken

As more people use apps every day in some shape or form, businesses must upgrade to the best option for their consumers. Here at fourmangos we are excited about some recent changes in apps and how they can help grow our clients’ businesses.

Short for applications, “apps” are programs that are installed and downloaded onto your phone or other mobile devices. They rely on the available storage space on your system to run successfully. However, the software development of these apps may have recently taken a surprising turn.

The Newest Mobile Development

Progressive web apps (PWA) Are the newest mobile development many businesses are turning to including, Instagram, Starbucks, Tinder, and Uber. One of the main differences between regular web apps and progressive web apps is that PWA’s are stored on a server and are always available as long as the server is up instead of being held on the device.

Users of PWA’s don’t need to worry about extra storage space as these apps are not downloaded. Since research shows that 25% of users delete apps to install new ones on their devices, businesses that use PWA’s don’t need to worry about their chance of being deleted.

PWA’s also do not need to be updated by the user. Just like websites, they are always up to date with the latest information. For smaller businesses and startups who have yet to build a customer base willing to download an app, a PWA can mean that customers just need to find the website and immediately interact with the business.

To learn more about the software development needed for PWA’s, contact fourmangos today! Out team of experts is ready to help your business succeed and grow in 2022!

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