Who we are

Neil C. Fennessey

Dad, architect, thinker, doer. Neil has been working with fourmangos for almost two decades. He started fresh out of Bentley in the world of accounting before he learned relational databases, .net, windows, and other technology-focused systems. He has worked with the senior marketing and technology officers at Tufts, Visiting Nurse Association of Boston, LSSMA, MetroPlus Health Plan, FNBO, Fidelity, FMC, Mellon, SwissRe, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and Oracle to name a few.

Neil enjoys building and maintaining relationships and introducing technology processes that push businesses to their greatest potential. He has over two decades of experience directly impacting the growth of organizations through marketing technology.

Abdul Wahaab
Senior Technical Architect

Coming from a nonlinear background, Abdul has experience in various work environments, including startups and corporations. With over ten years of experience as a software developer, Abdul has been responsible for designing software programs using my knowledge of programming languages. Abdul’s duties have included meeting with clients to determine their software needs, coding and testing software to ensure functionality, and updating software programs to refine components like cybersecurity measures and data storage capacities.

Abdul’s experience through the past ten years in web application development has involved Asp.Net, .Net Core, C#, MVC, SQL Server and other web technologies. I also have extensive knowledge of payment gateways such as PayPal, Google Checkout,, and 2Checkout.

Abdul has extensive experience working with front-end scripting languages such as jQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, and designing languages HTML and CSS. He has used his knowledge of Twitter bootstrap to design websites and ensure their responsiveness for many clients.

Over Abdul’s career as a Software Developer, team leader, and project manager, he have been involved with 80+ web application developments. His background shows quick progression and measurable success with all of his tenures. Some of these have included content management systems (CMS), classifieds, e-commerce, daily deals, photo gallery, vehicle booking, event management, automated questionnaires, healthcare/medical, PDF reporting, online exercise manager, social media automated marketing, crowdfunding, food ordering and many more.

Faisal Ikram
Senior UI/UX Developer

As a software developer with over 5 years of experience, Faisal has experience with various software development technologies. With a solid fundamental understanding of development principles, he has the soft skills to be a vital contributor and team member in any work environment.

When working with clients, Faisal’s duties often include determining their software needs, coding and testing software to ensure functionality, and updating software programs to refine components such as cybersecurity measures and data storage capacities.

Faisal is familiar with technical troubleshooting, fraud prevention, programming concepts, and specialized support. My experience in web application development has involved Asp.Net, .Net Core, C#, MVC, SQL Server and other technologies. Working with front-end scripting languages is also a strength which includes React JS, jQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, and designing languages HTML and CSS.

Faisal enjoys collaborating with clients to identify end-user requirements and specifications and producing efficient code based on their requirements.

Jeremy Munson
Business Analyst / Developer

Jeremy Munson is a highly motivated, leadership-oriented, creative thinker. He holds a Bachelor of Science in computer software engineering and currently spends his time studying software engineering full time at Arizona State University. He also works as a developer at fourmangos where he specializes in software development life cycle, java, and object-oriented programming.

Jeremy spent ten years in the US Navy as a rescue swimmer, helicopter aircrewman and rappel instructor. Jeremy is highly skilled in critical thinking and problem-solving. He thrives in high-pressure environments and enjoys working with teams to achieve common goals.

Sarah Palow
Content Creator

Sarah has been working in SEO for over a decade, and during that time, she has learned one thing: content is king. As the content creator at fourmangos, she is responsible for creating engaging and entertaining content that will help drive SEO for our customers. Sarah enjoys the creative aspect of the job and has the knowledge to grow with the ever-changing business. She has experience writing about a variety of topics, including business, marketing, health, and fashion. She has lived in three different countries, which helps her offer different views on many issues. No topic is too difficult for her to tackle!

Mercedeh Asgari
Social Media Design/Consultant

Mercedeh Asgari is a social media design consultant for fourmangos. She uses her creative abilities to create designs for the unique needs of social media platforms. Mercedeh knows how to make a social media page stand out from its competition by using her knowledge of market needs. Her graphic design and marketing skills have made her an invaluable asset to fourmangos, helping our clients improve their social media presence.

Kateryna Vasylenko
Social Media Marketing/Consultant

Kateryna Vasylenko is a content editor from Kyiv, Ukraine. She graduated with a master’s degree in biomedical engineering, but while working as a student, she soon realized that her true passion was marketing. Kateryna has since become an expert in digital marketing, social media marketing, and SEO, and her content editing skills are now highly sought after by businesses of all sizes. She is able to take complex topics and make them easy to understand for the average reader. When it comes to marketing, her years of experience have taught her how to reach people where they are spending their time – on social media and other digital platforms. And her natural talent for SEO ensures that her clients’ content is seen by the people who are searching for it. Kateryna’s unique combination of skills makes her a valuable asset to the team at fourmangos.

Waleed Ali Anjum
Senior Mobile Developer

Waleed is a senior mobile developer at fourmangos. He has a sharp and perceptive mind, which allows him to quickly learn new programming languages and platforms. Waleed has significant experience in C# Cross platform development, Java development and android development. In addition, he has a solid background in multiple languages and platforms such as C, C++, Java, C#, .net, Xamarin Studio, Visual Studio, and Android Studio. This makes him an invaluable asset to our team. Waleed is committed to leadership and excellence in his work and he possesses the key attributes which have led him to excel at fourmangos.

Bottom Line

We are built on a continuously adapting framework of web development, digital marketing, and systems integrations. Having a vested interest in the growth of our clients can ensure success by offering a trusting environment while developing long-lasting relationships. Because in the end, it’s all about people…connecting.